How to Combine Ease of Use and Compliance with your Security Policy?

OpenTrust MFT, Solutions for Secure File Exchange


Authorize the exchange of big or sensitive files, with total peace of mind

In today's world, exchanging electronic documents is a growing and increasingly critical need. You want to provide safe, easy-to-use solutions to your employees and external partners. If they don't, users turn to external, unmonitored file transfer solutions, which may lead to breaches of company data confidentiality.

OpenTrust MFT, resolves these issues efficiently while ensuring wide-scale use within your organization:

Authorize fully secure file exchange regardless of the terminals used (personal or professional, mobile or fixed) and of network access points (internal or external).

Provide users a simple, intuitive solution they can learn to use quickly and without training.

Find alternatives to traditional solutions (email, FTP): file-sharing freeware and email are no longer suited to today's needs. They do not allow centralized file exchange governance, nor do they guarantee the confidentiality and traceability of exchanges.

Ensure that business obligations are fulfilled:

  • Compliance with local regulatory requirements
  • Confidentiality and partitioning of exchanges
  • Timestamped electronic sealing
  • Encryption of exchanged content
  • Integral traceability of all file transfer and downloading operations
  • Auditing of system use and administration

A simple solution to lower costs and administration constraints

OpenTrust Managed File Transfer (MFT) simplifies user file exchanges and guarantees the application of company security policies.

Our OpenTrust Managed File Transfer solution is a latest-generation platform for the secure exchange of electronic documents, available under a license or in the cloud. Quickly meet business needs while keeping things simple OpenTrust MFT can be rolled out all at once, or scaled to meet growing business needs. Thanks to its powerful web-based central administration console, configuration operations can be completed in just a few clicks.
This is especially useful and efficient when you want to:
  • Compartmentalize user populations and affiliate them with specific management and security rules
  • Configure exchange policies applicable to the different populations
  • Ensure granular delegation of administration and configuration rights associated with the different populations

Guarantee immediate integration with the company IS
Ease of integration with the information system is often a key success factor when deploying a software package. In order to guarantee easy, sustainable integration with the company IS, OpenTrust MFT delivers:
  • Automatic user account feed and synchronization mechanisms based on existing AD/LDAP directories
  • A gateway to MS Exchange, enabling large files to be sent from the Outlook client
  • SOAP/REST connectors, featuring a large range of API, allowing automation of many operations, including sending files or retrieving traceability data through company software or business applications

Limit owner ship costs
OpenTrust MFT is a web-based application available via an Internet browser or directly via the standard Outlook email client(without a plug-in). No intervention on user workstations is required.

OpenTrust MFT's ease of implementation, its automated user management and automatic obsolete file purge mechanisms, combined with its powerful central administration console, guarantee low long-term ownership costs.

Two separate web applications for users and administrators

Thanks to OpenTrust MFT's simple, intuitive user interface, the software functions are immediately available to users, while a separate application allows administrators to configure and audit the platform.

1. User benefits

For our customers, having a simple user interface is a fundamental prerequisite.

OpenTrust MFT features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, optimized by Google Web Toolkit™ (GWT).

Our customers especially appreciate the user-friendliness of the web interface which, without being intrusive, gives access to a range of productive functions in just a few clicks:

  • Sending and receiving of files of all types and sizes
  • Creation of "tokens" authorizing "guests" to send files
  • Auto-complete function for contact addresses (via a personal address book or external data sources)
  • Integrated functions for encryption (AES 256) and electronic signature on PDF files (sealing server)
  • Management of download availability periods and of file pre-archiving
  • Addition of recipients, extension of download availability periods
  • Forwarding of messages to new recipients
  • Multi-criteria search in message history
  • Exchange tracking (user traceability)
  • Management of personal address book, mailing lists and user preferences
  • Forgotten passwords (for users required to authenticate themselves in OpenTrust MFT using a password)


User Interface - "Messages" tab

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In OpenTrust MFT, the actions the different user categories are allowed to perform are governed by "policies" configured by central or delegated administrators.

Each type of policy defines the rules applicable to a given action (authentication, choice of contacts, sending options, etc.). Simple, adaptable mechanisms ensure the efficient governance of your electronic file exchanges.

2. Administrator benefits

OpenTrust MFT guarantees simple integration with the company IS and can be scaled to suit your needs.

  • When installed in License mode:
    Automatic user account creation and synchronization via the company directory: OpenTrust MFT features configurable mechanisms for synchronizing/filtering users already referenced in company directories.
    Automatic capture of large attachments sent by email via Microsoft Outlook/Exchange
  • When used in Cloud mode, accounts can be automatically created and synchronized by regularly sending a data file to the OpenTrust MFT administration connector or by loading the file directly onto the administration interface.

OpenTrust MFT is designed to reduce configuration operations to a few clicks and allows IT teams compartmentalize user populations into separate domains.
In its web-based administration interface you can:
  • Personalize the user interface to match the graphics policy of the company or its departments, subsidiaries, sites, etc.
  • Delegate administration to a group
  • Personalize, in different formats and in different languages the templates of messages sent by the application to users and administrators
  • Configure exchange policies applicable severa populations
  • Easily control all of the platform's configuration parameters (users and groups, external datasources, policies governing file transfer, authentication and access control methods, reporting and audit interface)

Simplify integration with the IS:

  • Automatic user account feed and synchronization based on existing LDAP directories
  • Creation of a gateway with MS Exchange, for sending large files from Outlook and for retrieving attachments sent by email
  • SOAP/REST connectors, featuring a large range of API, to automate file transfer and data retrieval
  • Pre-archiving function to retrieve exchanged content for transfer to an archiving tool or third party

Select OpenTrust MFT under a License or Cloud agreement depending on your needs

Our offers

For an on-premises installation on the customer's information system (or the IS of a third-party host designated by the customer), OpenTrust MFT is sold under a software license agreement. For the Cloud model, two offers are available: shared or dedicated OpenTrust MFT. Companies can switch from one offer to the other based on scheduling requirements and cost optimization targets.

Offers Description
Software License The software is installed on your information system.
Premier Cloud
Each customer has their own domain on the shared OpenTrust MFT platform on the OpenTrust cloud.
Enterprise Cloud
Each customer has their own OpenTrust MFT instance on the OpenTrust cloud and benefits from dedicated services.
OpenTrust MFT under a license agreement

This offer is for customers who want to implement and operate OpenTrust MFT in their own environment. In this model, known as an on-premises installation, the software is sold under a license including maintenance. The price depends on the number of user accounts the customer wants to declare in the system.

OpenTrust MFT under a Cloud agreement

OpenTrust MFT Premier Cloud, a simple offer with multiple advantages

Designed for simple organizations (small and medium sized companies, independent subsidiaries) the Premier offer lets you have a personalized domain on the OpenTrust MFT platform.

The Premier Cloud administration interface allows you to:
  • Manage users (identifiers, authentication rules, password policies, etc.) and delegate available administration rights
  • Configure your domain (parameters for file exchange, sending, filtering, encryption, etc.)
  • Graphically personalize the user interface and notification email templates, which can also be adapted into other languages
  • Access predefined service use tracking reports (results exportable as CSV)
  • Access your domain's audit interface (results exportable as CSV)

OpenTrust MFT Enterprise Cloud, a platform dedicated to each company

The Enterprise Cloud offer provides you a complete OpenTrust MFT platform under a Cloud agreement. It is especially well-suited for large companies and more complex organizations. With Enterprise Cloud, you benefit from the full range of administration rights, and can structure their OpenTrust MFT platform into independent, customized domains.

With Enterprise Cloud, each entity (business, administrative, geographic) can have its own domain. Additional domains can be created to meet evolving needs.

Central and local administration rights can be delegated to reflect the company's organization or fulfill specific business requirements.

Features of the OpenTrust MFT offers
Functions Software License Premier Cloud Enterprise Cloud
User synchronization      
"On-the-fly" directory synchronization opentrustmft-sol    
Synchronization connector (file import) opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol
Authentication modes      
Company directory (LDAP) opentrustmft-sol   opentrustmft-sol
Internal MFT login/password opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol
SAML v2(**) opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol
Windows/Kerberos opentrustmft-sol   opentrustmft-sol
"Guest" mode opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol
SMTP connector opentrustmft-sol   opentrustmft-sol
Audit access      
Global audit opentrustmft-sol   opentrustmft-sol
Local audit opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol
Pre-archiving opentrustmft-sol   opentrustmft-sol
Customer iPad opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol opentrustmft-sol
(*): Only if accessed through a dedicated VPN connection.
(**): The customer must have a SAML Identity Provider that can be queried by OpenTrust MFT (service provider).

Reduce your administration time and budget

Developed natively to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • No intervention on user workstations is necessary, since OpenTrust MFT is available from your Internet browser, or via the standard Outlook email application without any plug-in.
  • Automation of most administration actions such as user management, obsolete file purging, etc.

With OpenTrust MFT for iPad: exchange, encrypt and sign your documents, in compliance with your organization's security policy.

OpenTrust MFT for iPad lets you use your company OpenTrust MFT server with your iPad free of charge – anytime, anywhere.

OpenTrust MFT for iPad can be used on iPad / iOSv6 and higher. To use it, you must have an account on an OpenTrust MFT server.

opentrustmft Download it from the App Store Installation only takes a few seconds…

Enter the address of your OpenTrust MFT server and your user account details. The iPad module will do the rest.
Example: downloading a press kit
Example: sending the kit
What is OpenTrust MFT?
OpenTrust MFT is a solution for secure online file exchange. It lets you easily exchange files, regardless of their size and type, with whoever you want, and manage the traceability of your exchanges.

Who can use this?
There are no restrictions on the type of user who can register in OpenTrust MFT. It can be your employees, partners, customers, one-off contacts, etc.
You can have registered users – who have an account in the solution – or non-registered users who do not have an account but may be given "sending tokens". Each user can manage his or her personal address book and create projects.

What types of file can be exchanged?
By default there are no restrictions on the types of file that can be sent using OpenTrust MFT. All file types can be exchanged, provided that users comply with the relevant professional code of ethics (i.e. intellectual property protection).
Exchangeable files include: text, video, binary and images, with no restrictions on size. OpenTrust MFT authorizes granular administration of file type management, and it is possible to filter certain types of files.

What are the different ways I can use this file exchange solution?
Most of our customers use OpenTrust MFT to reduce their use of email attachments. Certain customers add file protection (confidentiality and integrity) and tracking and management of file transmission and reception.

What availability rate can I expect from your online exchange platform?
The OpenTrust MFT service platform is hosted in the server bays operated in the company datacenter, which provides a high level of security and infrastructure redundancy:
  • High-security physical access: 24/7 video surveillance of access points, magnetic card required for physical access
  • Electrical security: 2 separate electric power supplies / 3 generators, 6 UPS systems, including 3 in service and 3 backups
  • Fire prevention: fireproof doors, fire detection and extinction process, compliance with "APSAD R13" standards
  • Firewall, antivirus
  • System administration VPN authenticated by certificate and smart card
  • Separation of administrative roles and auditing of systems and procedures
  • The OpenTrust MFT application guarantees the total segregation of exchanges and data storage between all customers.
Our technical teams regularly perform scheduled maintenance operations, outside business hours. The schedule of these operations will be provided to you.

After subscribing to OpenTrust MFT, will I have access to technical support?
Platform operation and customer technical support services are provided by our Service teams and are included in your contract during the following hours:
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9 am to 6 pm

  • Technical support includes:
  • Ability to contact technical teams by email, and access to a support portal in the event of a technical incident affecting online services
  • Access to the support is restricted to your company administrators
  • Solution users are assisted by their company administrator, not by us
Administrators are granted access to application support for specific configurations.

Your solution proposes a portal featuring the logo and images of your solution and company. Can these be changed?
The visual identity of OpenTrust MFT's user portal can be modified. We integrate your company logo when the service is activated. Afterwards, you can request the complete modification of the graphics, or modify them yourself.

Your solution proposes a portal with default languages. Can these be changed?
By default, the OpenTrust MFT solution proposes three languages: English, French and Russian. Our solution is based on the OpenTrust MFT product, which regularly evolves. Over time, as our online service offering is updated, other languages will be added. If you have a significant and urgent need, please contact your account manager.

What authentication methods are available to users?
In our OpenTrust MFT offering, user authentication is based on a login and password pair. We propose pre-configured password management policies. You may request that these policies be adapted to your company's directives.

When I send a message, how are my recipients notified? Will I be notified when my message is downloaded?
Our MFT-Online solution features a very complete notification system to meet your needs. Message senders can track the status of their message and find out whether the recipient has downloaded it, when the message expires, and so on. The sender receives a notification email for every event. Users can adjust the list of notifications they wish to receive, in the properties of their user account.

How long do messages remain available to the recipients?
Depending on the offer you choose, the default message retention period on the OpenTrust MFT platform is either fixed or configurable. However, for every exchange, the message sender can extend the retention period on a case-by-case basis when the message is sent.

OpenTrust MFT is a solution for file exchange, not storage, and it is not a collaborative platform. We recommend limiting your message retention periods in order to optimize your solution's storage capacities. Our customers typically choose an average retention period of seven (7) days.

Recipients can also be periodically notified when a message is waiting for them, until the file is downloaded.

I exchange very regularly with the same contacts. How do I create a contact list?
In your OpenTrust MFT account properties, you can create a list of contacts. This allows you to save the email addresses of your correspondents so you don't have to retype them every time you send a message. In addition, an autocomplete function makes it even easier to select your contacts. And, for every new message, when you add a new contact, it is automatically added to your contact list.

In my company, we frequently work in groups. Is it possible to create an exchange domain per working group?
Our solution includes the concept of working groups, and users can create projects. File exchanges can be quickly organized within a given project by sending a message to the project without selecting specific recipients. Other administration options are available to precisely control the management policies implemented in projects.

I often have several files to send in my messages. Is the solution compatible with multi-file messages?
OpenTrust MFT can create messages for the transfer of a single file or grouped transfers of several files. Users can very intuitively choose which transfer mode best suits their needs.

Will I have access to my file transfer history?
Yes, this is one of the features of the OpenTrust MFT solution. Message traceability and tracking is an integral part of our offering and is available for all levels of use and administration.

Registered users can view their message history from their home page at any time. Another of our solution's strong points is that it allows you to view your file history, even when a file is no longer available on the secure exchange platform.

I would like to enable some of my contacts to use the file exchange solution without creating an account. How can I do this?
The OpenTrust MFT solution authorizes each registered used to create a "sending token" for a contact, enabling that contact to use the platform on a temporary basis to send messages to the registered user. It is the user who defines the token duration, the number of uses and the storage volume authorized.

What is the recommended environment for OpenTrust MFT?
You can use OpenTrust MFT from any computer equipped with operating systems available on the market: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS and Linux. We support the following browsers: Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9), Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

OpenTrust MFT requires that you have a user account to take full advantage of its online file transfer functionalities. It is your company that subscribes to the service and creates an account for each user. However, you can test the solution as a user. Simply go to the test account creation interface available on this website.

Still have questions?
If, despite our continuous efforts to improve the information about our OpenTrust MFT service offering, you didn't find the answer you were looking for, feel free to contact us. Describe your need in the contact form and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

The mission of OpenTrust is to design highly reliable solutions to meet the requirements of all companies seeking secure electronic file exchange.


Deploy and adopt a secure file transfer solution in record time

« When we decided to revamp and globalize our email architecture, our goal was to rapidly deploy an additional secure platform for file exchange enabling:

  • Point-to-point file transfer while preserving file confidentiality on the web
  • Continuity and verification of our exchanges
  • Strict administrative control of recipients

We were particularly interested in the OpenTrust MFT solution for its:
  • Advanced delegation capacities enabling the administration and management of several applications grouped together on the same platforms
  • Multi-server architecture, which allows us to define our security requirements during deployment
  • Scalable architecture in terms of security and encryption

In addition, the prototype available on the cloud platform proved to be very efficient. Our email users rapidly learned how to use the interface, as if they were already familiar with it. They also appreciated its ability to transfer large files (several GB).

Today, SAFRAN has deployed several OpenTrustMFT platforms, which handle multiple services. »

Olivier Dardenne, Business Application International Support Manager, Safran


Choose a secure user-friendly tool to exchange sensitive files

« The OpenTrust solution meets file transfer needs that are not covered by existing solutions within our organization and that cannot be met by email systems. Its user-friendliness and ease of use were also key factors in our choice, to guarantee a low learning curve and immediate efficiency for all players, both within and outside the company. The ease of integration into our environment was also a major advantage, but the most important benefit was the level of security the OpenTrust platform delivers to all types of electronic exchange (integrated encryption, traceability, confidentiality…) with regard to legal constraints (French Data Protection Act) and the increased surveillance required for certain types of exchange, such as the transmission of personal data. »

Christophe Rouquié, AQSSI, Comptabilité Publique


Decongest messaging flows and ensure exchange traceability

« OpenTrust MFT makes it possible to respond, in a highly operational manner, to a need that is often poorly covered – a need that is situated somewhere between email and structured business applications. While this solution is functionally similar to email, it also enables not only high-volume file exchange (whereas email is often deliberately limited to several MB), but most importantly, the administration and traceability of exchanges. It also enables secure exchanges with third parties, without requiring strong authentication of them. We deployed the solution within a very short timeframe, like a hosted service, and then integrated it as a "portlet" in various portal-type applications (supplier portal, client portal). »

B.P. Fontaine, CIO, Thales

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